Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Who invented nail clippers on a key chain? Who are you? Show yourself! You, friend, are a menace to society.

Hear ye Hear ye.
Public Service Announcement. Everyone listen up!

There is absolutely no reason why anyone should be clipping their nails in public, therefore there is no reason why your keys and your nail clippers should be attached. Period. You hear me boys? NO. PERIOD.

Also, there is not a woman on earth that disagrees with me. So think about that next time you're checking out some pretty young thing waiting for the train while you're dropping your nail clippings all over the platform. What was that you said? She didn't look up from her book so she doesn't know its you? Oh yes she does. She can hear it. That Sound. Click. Click. Click. And she knows its you. We always know. That girl will never sleep with you. Ever.

The subway is sad and gross enough. Stop making it worse please. Thanks.