Friday, October 3, 2008


A man named M. Gary Neuman has written a book about infidelity.  He researched.  He interviewed hundreds of men.  And, in brief, here's what he found out:
  • 1 in 2.7 married men have cheated, or will cheat.
  • 92% of men said it wasn't primarily about sex.  Most sighted insecurity and a need to feel "more appreciated"
  • 88% of men said that the other woman was not necessarily better looking or in better shape than their wives, but rather that the attraction was simply to something "different".
  • Only 7% of men confessed to cheating without being asked, and 48% deny it until they are confronted with irrefutable evidence
Ladies.  Listen closely:

1 in 2.7.  

Think about that.  Do the math.  Think about all the times you smugly looked down your nose at your single friends and wished we could just settle down and be as blissfully happy as you are.  

Then give me a call.  Drinks are on me.  

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