Sunday, November 4, 2007

Not Quite Bali

Well hello there. I got a lot of flack over the last few months for not "completing" my Asia blog, and to those of you who were the grief givers, I have 4 words for you: Jakarta- not so inspiring. In fact, I think that might be the motto on their license plates. Anyway, don't worry, because I'm on the road again, and back to spewing my unsolicited blatherings into the vast blog vacuum. This time I'm headed all over the US with the national tour of Sweeney Todd. Slightly more "sophisticated" and "artistic" than Spongebob perhaps, but sometimes I miss the square yellow guy all the same. So, we're on our last performance Boston, and we head up to Toronto tomorrow. Never been there. Sort of exciting. It's been nice to be here in Boston and see all the college buds who still live here. And being here for the big world series win and the absolute chaos that followed was pretty fantastic. It's just starting to get rainy and cold, and that all too familiar never-ending-pit-of-despair-and-darkness feeling that comes along with it is starting to happen, so we're getting out just in time I think. You know what I'm talking about BUers.

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