Monday, June 11, 2007

Leaving Singapore

This is being posted about 2 weeks late, but the internet in Bali was too weak to upload pictures. So, sorry. But imagine it's two weeks ago....

As I sit here in the Starbucks in Marine Parade Plaza, Singapore, mere hours from boarding a plane to Bali, I feel the overwhelming urge to make a tedious list. Here are the things that I recommend you do on your next visit to Singapore.

1. Visit the zoo. It's open air, it's massive and it's beautiful. No cages, just moats and ditches between you and every kind of animal you could possibly think of. I highly recommend staying for the night safari as well. There's a tram that runs through the entire park in the pitch black, so you can see all the animals in evening mode. Walking through the fruit bat cave is amazing, but certainly not for the faint of heart. Also, make sure you check out the reptile house, they are fed in the evening. I saw the biggest snake I have ever seen eating a huge rat-- only the back feet and tail sticking out of his mouth. I almost threw up a little- but boy was it cool.

Also this is funny:

2. The Orchard Garden at the Botanical Gardens. I've already posted about, but it was so nice I had to say it twice. And rhyme.

3. The Jorong Bird Park. Another massive sanctuary dedicated to the preservation of animals. Don't miss the "Lory Loft" a giant area with over 1000 Lorys (Lories?) flying around in it. Buy a cup of nectar from the lady at the door and feed them. They'll jump on your shoulder and you can make endless pirate jokes. (Trust me, we did it, it's funny for at least an hour.)

Here's a picture of some that were not too interested in me:
4. Drinks. Go to Raffles hotel and have a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar. (They invented them there). Go to the New Asia bar on the 71st floor of Swissotel and have a Lycheetini.
Go to the beach (any of them) and have a cheap beer from a stall. Add Satay if you have the munchies.

5. Sentosa. It's a resort island just off the coast. Take a cable car over:
and walk out to the "Southernmost Point in Continental Asia". Pick a beach, pick an umbrella, put in headphones, open book and chill. The day we were there, every bride and groom in Singapore was having their picture taken on the beach (no, really, there were at least a dozen couples that I counted). Skip the "Songs of the Sea" laser light show- it's lame-os. (That was for you David.)

...So goodbye Singapore, hello Bali.

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