Wednesday, May 9, 2007


So. They have something at the movie theaters here called "Golden Screen". This means that you sit in a giant comfy recliner, and that you have waiter service at your chair. It's only 34 seats. You can buy all the usual movie stuff, popcorn, soda, plus there's a bar. And the price is not that much higher than a regular movie. The picture above is of the choreographer and I chillin' before the movie started. And, since Spiderman 3 (that's what we saw) totally sucked, the drinks were helpful. So, someone in the US get on this- we have to open one of these. It's a brilliant idea, and it makes crappy blockbusters that we are peer pressured into seeing so much easier to get though.


rich said...

the "Brew & View" concept has been tried here in the states, with some success. It just wouldn't work in nyc. The urinating and gunplay would be too much of a distraction.

Nancy said...

That concept was tried here but no way were our chairs that big and comfortable looking