Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Hello All. I'm in Singapore. And it rocks. Come visit, it's a great city. Spent the day today (my only day off while we're here) on a bus tour, and spent some time in the Botanical Gardens. The orchid garden is so beautiful...well, I tried to take pictures, but it barely does it justice. Things are going well with the show, we are all really siked to do our first real performance this week. Check out the roadside advertising that we saw downtown...very exciting! It's so clean here- lots of scary laws about littering and chewing gum (so illegal, $500 fine and jail time depending on what neighborhood you're in) but the people are all really nice and it's super easy to get around. I miss you all...please e-mail me and let me know what's up stateside!

Botanical Gardens:

Our Poster on the street:

This one's for you Dad:

Buddhist Temple:

Public Housing:


Nancy said...

What beautiful pictures I see a future in the postcard business for you.

Rodrigo said...
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